About us

We have been selling Christmas Trees since the early 1980's and growing and wholesaling since the mid 1990's when we started to plant our 70 acre farm at Cadeby.

Since then we have grown our tree production steadily over the years to currently growing trees on 600 acres throughout the Midlands, planting around 150,000 trees per year made up of 45% Nordmann Fir, 25% Norway Spruce, 10% Fraser Fir, 55 Blue Spruce & 15% Pot Grown Trees in all four species.


We wholesale nearly all of trees with the expection of one retail site at Cadeby. We are not like many other wholesalers in the industry as our trees are straight from the grower to the customer with no middle man. We can supply all types of sizes of trees to meet any customer requirments. We pride ourselves on flexibility, offering split loads ranging from 50 to 1000 trees per delivery. these can be on a weekly basis thus minimising needle loss and maintaining freshness. This means that not only can the customer get the right amount trees and not over order but also get the feshest trees possible. We achieve this flexibility by using our own transport and can offer loads to come in palletised or loose on any size vehicle

European Funding

This year we have been fortunate to be granted a European Agricultural Fund which has been essential to the growth of our harvesting capabilities, it has allowed us to invest in an TreePacker Automatic Netting and Palletising Machine with Elevator, or as we call it a 'netter palletisier'. This is a specialist tractor mounted machine that dramatically speeds up the christmas tree harvesting process primarly by reducing the amount of vehicles and staff that would be required otherwise. this has been a great advantage to us this harvest and will continue to for years to come.

European funding Christmas tree palletiser