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Christmas tree Wholesale, Specialist Growers and Contracters..........And Just About Everything Inbetween.

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New  Contracting rates now posted, Cadeby Tree Trust have well over 20 years experience caring for Christmas trees.


Our contract services cater for small and large scale growers we can take care of everything from planting all the way to harvest. we can also help you get started giving you all the advice needed to get started with a Christmas tree plantation.

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This years Price List is now available to view. With an updated range of Pot Grown Trees and competitive prices throughout, Click the link below and have a look






Today England play in the semi-final of the 2018 Russia world cup, the last time this happened 28 years ago Cadeby Tree Trust had only 1500 tress in the ground compared to our current crop of 1.5 MILLION!!!!!!

To show our support we have turned our resident Labradors into the infamous THREE LIONS!!!!!

Three lions
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Walker Forestry

Check out our friends at Walker Forestry's video of Cadeby Tree Trust planting their trees for them. this video shows the hard work and planning we put into our planting operations, this is all to ensure healthy and sustainable growth of the Christmas Trees we plant.


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European Funding

This year we have been fortunate to be granted a European Agricultural Fund which has been essential to the growth of our harvesting capabilities, it has allowed us to invest in an TreePacker Automatic Netting and Palletising Machine with Elevator, or as we call it a 'netter palletisier'. This is a specialist tractor mounted machine that dramatically speeds up the christmas tree harvesting process primarly by reducing the amount of vehicles and staff that would be required otherwise. this has been a great advantage to us this harvest and will continue to for years to come.


Have a look at this video created by a member of staff, giving an insight into what a day in the life of Christmas tree worker looks like.

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