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Fraser Fir

fraser fir

The Fraser Fir, Abies Fraseri, is a species of fir native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern United States and is named after Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750-1811), who made several botanical collections in the area.

It has historically been referred to as the 'she-balsam' because resin could be 'milked' from its bark blisters, which lies in contrast to the 'he-balsam' which could not be 'milked'.

Although it has never seen widespread use as a source of timber, the eye-catching combination of a dense natural pyramidal form, strong limbs, soft, long-retained needles and a dark blue-green colour with a pleasant scent and excellent retention during transport have seen its popularity as a Christmas tree skyrocket.

As a result, the Fraser bears the unique distinction as having been used as a Christmas tree at the White House more than any other species.

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